Home Audio

Music is Everywhere

The internet has changed the entire landscape of music systems for your home almost overnight.  The amount of music available for your enjoyment throughout your life is now almost unlimited! With Pandora, Spotify, Sirius/XM streaming, and internet radio just to name a few- things have changed and all for the good! Of course you still can enjoy your legacy CD collection or music on your iPod, but more new music than ever can be right at your fingertips via the internet in the blink of an eye.

As we know a new mobile device is announced every 6 months, which in turn, changed the way we control our media. It’s still nice to have a wall mounted keypad or handheld remote, but it’s now entirely possible to control 24 rooms of music with your mobile device. (Apple or Android)

Our Team Experience

Our KMS staff has done research on all of the options available now for music streaming throughout your home. Typically employees will deploy a new system in one of their homes before we start recommending it, just so we can be sure it performs up to our standards. Many operations of our systems are simple, and can be easily learned by a 'non-technical' person in a matter of minutes. We’ve all pretty much learned how to navigate apps on our smart phones, for this reason we try and make any custom interface similar. While for the advance users, we can also trick out your system as well. No more days of listening to your spouses music, with the options to listen to something separate being so easy to obtain. Choose a source for each room if you like, and give multiple listeners the chance to enjoy different sources. Let us show you how!


What about the Wiring?

Everyone knows when constructing a new home it’s easy to run new wire to where ever needed. So what happens when the home is already built? Our lead technicians are simply wizards at running wiring to places, even at times when thought to be impossible. Fortunely, today’s options work great in a finished home because many of the system options have some kind of wireless capability for those areas that are difficult or impossible to get wiring to.

We can help you plan out your music system design so virtually everything is hidden! Which may include locating the equipment in a remote location, placing speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves, or in the walls and ceilings. No matter how old or new the home, our member will find you the best solution for your home or business.


KMS home automation is limited only by your imagination. Whether you want basic volume control, an advanced keypad system, or control through your iPhone, Android, or iPad. Your system can be custom designed to meet your needs and to provide the level of control you desire. Many of our systems now allow you to start out with a basic multi-room home audio system and expand it later to include the convenient home automation features of lighting control, climate control, camera control, and much more!

With KMS systems, entertaining becomes just a ton of fun. Imagine being able to turn on the rooms you want music in from one keypad, your iPhone, or iPad! Imagine being able to raise or lower the volume in every single room from one control point. With cool new music services like Spotify, imagine your friends asking you to hear a song from 20 years ago that is not in your CD or iTunes collection and you have it playing all over your house in 10 seconds. The possibilities are just amazing.

Your home will be the envy of your friends!

The Be$t Part

We’ve saved the best part for last! Advances in technology have made the new breeds of music systems not only easier than they were just a few years ago, but the cost has dropped by a huge amount also! Please come see us at our location to learn more about the great new options available for music throughout your home. For Example: